SCBIZ covers Craft Beer in SC!

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SCBIZ and our own Timmons and Chrys of CHSbeer show what's up woth craft beer in South Carolina. See the digital version here.

Pint Bill Becomes Law June 2013

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Governor Haley signed into law H.3554/S.423 June 6, 2013! There are many stipulations and requirements for us breweries to uphold but it is a victory nonetheless! Please support our SC brewery's by buying a pint. Also bear with us as we work out logisitics and requirements. Thank you to everyone who supported our efforts. It was all noticed and appreciated!

Pint Bill S. 423 Update 4/30

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Update: 2pm; Senator Mike Fair of Greenville is the lone objector please contact only him as of now.

Our bill was scehduled to be debated on the full Senate floor today. Unfortunately, several Senators have objected to the bill. Please call their offices and tell them you support S.423, especially if you are their constituent.


Kevin Bryant- Anderson District 3(803) 212-6320

Call for support, S. 423

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We are up for Senate Judiciary vote tomorrow, April 9th. We need your help! Please consider calling and emailing your support for Senate bill 423. Allowing up to 64 ounces to be served on premise at SC breweries (in addition to the carry out case law).

Pint Bill March 21

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We can pretty much count our House Bill 3554 as done- passed 2nd reading yesterday and see no issues as to why it wont pass the 3rd. March 20 we had our Senate bill 423 go to Subcommittee vote and passed! In ~ 3 weeks we will go to the Full Committee. Then it is floor debate....2nd Reading....3rd reading and back to House. Yesterday was a big step but we're not there yet! A huge thank you to all the brewers who showed up at the Capital- our biggest showing yet.


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