Aiken Brewing Company’s Special Brew “Celebrates Aiken”!

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As part of the “Celebrate Aiken” festivities taking place in Aiken throughout 2010, Brew Master Randy Doucet is brewing a Barleywine style ale which he has aptly named Olde Aiken Ale. Deep golden in color, this beer is sweet, malty and rich with hints of caramel, dried fruit and maybe a little coffee balanced by just enough hop bitterness to offset the malt’s sweetness. In keeping with its English origins, Doucet has dry hopped this beer with English East Kent Golding Hops to give it additional hop aroma without increasing bitterness. At around 10% alcohol by volume, this brew, which was traditionally associated with the winter season, will make the perfect “winter warmer” for a cold late winter afternoon or evening. Because of its high alcohol content, this beer ages beautifully, gaining in complexity and depth of flavor with the passage of time. Given this, Doucet will keg several barrels of this brew and tap these kegs at various times throughout the year during special “Celebrate Aiken” activities. As always, Aiken Brewing Company brews its hand crafted beers in the traditional manner using only barley malt, hops, yeast and water. In addition to Olde Aiken Ale, Aiken Brewing Company has numerous of its other award winning, craft brewed beers on tap including: Thoroughbred Red, Blonde, West Coast Pale Ale, Strong Scotch Ale, and London Porter. Come help us “Celebrate Aiken” throughout the year! For information on additional upcoming activities, menu selections or directions visit us at our website: or call us at (803) 502-0707.

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